Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Obsession with Linens of the Past (Vintage Lingerie)

My love with Vintage Lingerie began by mistake. It was mostly fueled by my constant need to be a thrifty shopper. Always searching for a bargain, I could often be found browsing clothing isles of local Thrift Stores. One Bright Summer day (approximately 12 years ago), I mistakenly glanced at a stunning nightgown set in the unmentionables section. It was an area, that up until that moment, I had snubbed. Something about used undergarments made me cringe, but not on that day... 

I had never seen such a magnificent piece of workmanship! A two-piece robe and gown, in all black with layer after layer of semi-sheer chiffon.  The fabric was flowing and swooping and I was in awe. It suited my darker side as well as my new found girly one. She was not even in my own size, and I quickly placed her in my cart for purchase. I just HAD to know more about this. The tag looked dated, that much I knew...but how old? What was this interesting fabric? I didn't know it at the time, but I held in my hands a Vintage Peignoir Masterpiece made by Gotham Lingerie. Thus, my passion for Vintage Fabric was born. I started collecting peignoir sets, stunning gowns and delicate slips from any era I could get my hands on. This grew into a love of many other Vintage clothing and accessories, but my primary love will always be the frilly unmentionables.

Names like Kayser, Gotham, and Pandora where becoming popular to me. I would research a new find, and the company who made it, till no end. Eventually my collection grew so large, that I had to start letting go of my beauties. This is when I learned that I was not the only person in love with vintage unmentionables. There was quite a market for finds such as mine... Thus giving birth to my now ten year strong online selling adventure

I've Photographed many lovely pieces over the years.  Finding it easier to let go of a piece if I had a picture to remember it by. What once was a collection of hundreds, has now dimmed down to three that I prize as my own (including the first Gotham Beauty I found years ago). The rest are either on sale or have been sold. I still search the racks for these precious gems weekly,  only now with the intent to find them a loving home other than my own. I consider it preservation of an age where beauty was classy. Something we don't see very often today.

My Photography skills have improved greatly over the years, but even my early photos are still near and dear to me. Behold some of my early collection Photos:

1950's Kayser Chiffon Peignoir Set

1960's Pandora 2 piece Double Chiffon Peignoir & Negligee

More recently, I have found myself wanting to truly preserve these gems by increasing my photography talents. Creating a photograph that is as much adored as the product itself.

1950's Beau Monde Nightgown by Max Schwartz 

Sometimes playing around with the same photograph, but creating different outcomes...

The Plain Jane

My Hippie Side

 In future posts, I will explore my photography as well as prop evolution. Perhaps share a crafty tip or two on taking modern dress forms, and antiquing them. As well as introduce my love affair with vintage accessories, and my family's Antique Furniture Restoration Business

Until we meet again,


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