Wednesday, February 5, 2014

3 Earth Friendly Do it Yourself Crafts and Tips Just in Time for Spring (DIY)

I am constantly coming across or creating fun ways to reuse items rather than trash them! Below are 3 wonderful examples of easy DIY projects relating to Spring! These are also very kiddo Friendly!

The Orange Peel Candle

  What You Will Need
    Oil (Canola or Olive should work fine)
    melt down the wax of an old candle (longer burn    time)

    How To Make It


1. Carve your orange using a knife. (For a longer 
burn time, try to leave more of the orange intact so                                                  there is an overhang. Cutting the peel in half, with                                                   no overhang, should provide about a 30min burn.)

 2. Be sure to keep the stem in tact as it will become your  wick. 

 3. Pour your oil into the orange peel. 

 4. Light the top of the stem and enjoy

Egg Carton and Eggshell Seed Starter

What You Will Need

Empty egg cartons
Empty Eggshells 

It's pretty self explanatory. To get an edge up on your garden, you can start your seedlings indoors about 6-8 weeks before you plant them. Add soil to the empty cartons and eggs, about three seeds per section and water with lukewarm or room temp water. Keep the seedling starters by a window and keep them moist. You may use plastic wrap covering the seedlings for a few weeks until the seeds start (to create a greenhouse effect). However, we do not use that method as it's not Earth Friendly. If your patient good ol' sun is all you need. once seedlings get to be a proper size you will want to be sure there is only one plant per section.  

Pine-cone Bird Feeders (This one's fun for the kid's too!)

 What You Will Need

Pine cones from your yard
Organic Nut Butter
Plate or Pan from your Kitchen
String (we use hemp twine)

Take your pine cones and attach your twine to the top of them using firm knots. Using your plate or pan roll your Pine Cone in Nut Butter, roll again in Seeds (using another plate or pan).  Repeat until you have your desired amount of feeders. Hang your feeder outside for the birds! 

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